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Family Dentistry for the Community

Family Dentistry for the Community

Motoazabu Familie Dental Clinic is well known to the local community where it is located in the quiet residential neighborhood of Roppongi.
We care to the patient’s privacy, providing separate treatment rooms and a consultation room where the doctor explains your treatment plan which has been created just for you.
Also, we only start treatment when you fully understand our treatment plan.
We don’t just fix your tooth problem but check the condition of your oral cavity.
Providing treatment tailored to your specific needs, we aim to be your family dentist.
So please feel free to see us at the first sign of any oral discomfort.

Our Aim

Providing personalized treatment

  1. Individualized patient
    (treatment made for you)
    and Informed Consent.
    All patients have some oral concerns when they visit the dentist.They often accept whatever the dentist proposes, thinking that “the doctor is right”, even if they still have some questions in their minds. To avoid such situations, we believe that informed consent (mutual understanding) is important.
    This involves taking the time before we start treatment to explain the treatment plan, show the best treatment for your particular case, giving you the reasons we choose it, and explaining the merits and demerits as well as how long the treatment will take and how much it will cost. We want your treatment here to be pleasant and worry-free. Individualized patient treatment and Informed Consent
  2. Prevention Comes First Many people think of going to the dentist only to fix tooth or gum problems, but if you wait until it hurts you won’t be able to have optimum oral health. You may end up having extensive dental work and even extractions. It is far better to come to the dentist to prevent problems rather than to have to fix them. We take preventive dentistry seriously. We explain how important it is to keep your oral health and we provide you with proper preventive treatment. Prevention Comes First
  3. Treatment To Keep Your
    Own Teeth
    These days many patients are encouraged by their dentists to replace decayed teeth with implants. We recommend our patients to keep their own teeth as long as possible and we don’t advise implant treatment easily.
    Using a microscope and thorough examination with a dental CT scan, we’ll make a suitable treatment plan for you. Treatment To Keep Your Own Teeth

Enough time for treatment in individual rooms

Family Dentistry for the Community

A relaxing apace with a calming interior

We provide separate treatment rooms for our patients' privacy. You don't have to feel self-conscious sitting next to other patients.
We also offer a separate consultation room, so you can feel free to talk.
Also, the rooms are decorated to make you feel relaxed and comfortable, like at a luxury hotel or aesthetic spa.

Requset from the Clinic

Most general dentists see about 30 patients a day and it is not a big problem if one or two of the patients cancel.
At our clinic, however, we take a maximum of 8 patients per day because the treatment time per patient is much longer.
A specific treatment time is set aside for you only. Please try to avoid frequent changes or cancellations without notice once you have made an appointment with us.

English Available

We have many patients from overseas, both residents and office workers from the neighborhood.
We have English speaking staff as well as written treatment explanations in English. So please don’t hesitate to come and see us.

Greetings from the Dentists

Greetings from the Dentists

荻沼 毅

Tsuyoshi Oginuma

At the Motazabu Familie Dental Clinic we care for our patients with the most modern equipment and treatment methods to prevent dental problems and to help you keep your teeth healthy.
You can enjoy your meals with your own, healthy teeth and keep your bright smile.
We look forward to seeing you.




Go out from the 1a exit of
Roppongi Station (Hibiya Line)
and walk towards
Roppongi Hills.



here is a McDonald’s at the third crossing. Turn left and go



Cross over in front of the
Hyatt Hotel and go straight.



Pass the Family Mart and turn
at the corner of Animal



We are next door to Akaeda


Our Services

Family Dentistry for the Community

At the Motoazabu Familie Dental Clinic we offer various types of dentistry—general, pediatric, maternal, and preventive—to support the dental health of residents as well as workers in the neighborhood.
We feel that informed consent (mutual understanding) is most important so we only start treatment when you fully understand our treatment plan. We want your treatment here to be pleasant and worry-free.

  1. General Dentistry :
    Cavity Treatment
    First, we will examine your teeth for any cavities or tooth fractures. Please don’t hesitate to see us even for small oral discomfort.
    Small problems can become big ones if you ignore even minor symptoms. General Dentistry : Cavity Treatment
  2. Gum Disease Treatment There are no subjective symptoms at the first stages of gum disease. This disease gets worse silently. Nonetheless, it can be a terrible disorder which results in loss of bone around the roots of the teeth. This bone is the foundation which holds the teeth in place and in the worst scenario this loss of bone support can result in the need for teeth to be extracted. Swelling or pain is a sign of serious gum disease, so if you experience bad breath, pain, swelling or bleeding when you brush your teeth, please visit the clinic as soon as possible.
    When you visit the clinic, first of all we will examine the gums to determine the level of gum disease. Treatment varies depending on that level. Initial treatment is to remove tartar (the hard substance that forms over time when plaque remains on the tooth surfaces) and to instruct you about how to properly clean your teeth. At the next appointment, we examine the gums once again to evaluate the healing, if any tartar remains, we remove it. If there has been any bone loss we will treat it to reconstruct the bone and gums. Once gum treatment is completed, we recommend that you return for regular maintenance. Gum Disease Treatment
  3. Pediatric Dentistry It is difficult for small children to brush their teeth by themselves. So it is necessary for the parents to take care of this on a daily basis and to have the child see the dentist regularly. If we find any cavities with children, treatment starts with examining the extent of the cavity. We don’t just fill the cavity; we also do preventive dentistry by applying fluoride. This will protect the primary teeth (also known as milk teeth) which are soft and easily decay. We have a separate room just for children at our clinic and have a children’s dentist every Saturday afternoon.
    Please visit and talk to us if you have any concerns about your children’s dental health. Pediatric Dentistry
  4. Dentistry during Pregnancy During pregnancy or while breast feeding, hormones change the balance of your body. It is a time when you can easily get cavities or gum disease, so it is important to get regular dental care. We take special precautions during this sensitive period to time the treatment to the stage of pregnancy. We also pay attention to instructing you on the importance of good oral health during pregnancy not just for the mother but also the baby.
    We strongly suggest that you come to the clinic if you are pregnant or breast feeding. Dentistry during Pregnancy
  5. Preventive Dentistry “Preventive Dentistry” is often thought of as that treatment done to prevent dental disease and that “maintenance” is done after treatment is completed, but actually both are necessary for preventing oral disease. Finding small problems while they are still small and treating them is also preventive in that it prevents small problems from becoming big ones.
    Removing tartar to prevent gum disease needs to be done periodically to keep the teeth healthy. Preventive Dentistry
  6. Whitening There are many things that make teeth turn yellow or darker such as coffee, tea, nicotine or simply age. Once you get these stains, you can’t remove them by just brushing.
    These days there are a lot of other places besides dental offices offering tooth whitening, but they don’t have a medical background and are limited as to what materials they can use. In our clinic you can have the confidence to know that we will offer you the most modern methods for making your teeth white and shining. Whitening
  7. Cosmetic Dentistry Smiling is an important factor in communication. If you have to smile closing your mouth and feel self-conscious about your teeth, it is hard to enjoy having conversations with others. Wouldn’t you like to smile and laugh showing your teeth? The solution is esthetic dentistry.
    We can show you how you would look after esthetic treatment so you can picture what you would look like before you have the treatment. Cosmetic Dentistry
  8. Orthodontic Dentistry :
    Orthodontic dentistry is treatment to align the teeth into proper occlusion. It doesn’t just improve looks; it has other advantages as well such as better pronunciation, better chewing and better digestion.
    We offer orthodontic treatment called “Invisalign” which uses clear, mouthpiece aligners. Orthodontic Dentistry : Invisalign


Invisalign is a clear mouthpiece type of aligner which is used by more than 3 million people all over the world. It doesn’t use wires and is almost invisible, hardly noticed by others when you are wearing it. For those of you who have been putting off having your teeth straightened because of concerns about the appearance of the wires or getting food stuck in the braces, this can be an ideal solution.

  1. The aligners are almost invisible.They are transparent and hardly noticed by other people so you can enjoy having conversations and meals with others.
  2. Less pain.Aligners don’t have any wires so you won’t feel any sharp pain from wires poking your lips or cheeks and the aligner don’t produce excessive forces on the teeth but move them gradually to shift them into place.
  3. HygenicAligners are removable for easy cleaning with a toothbrush. Also you can brush your teeth as usual without getting plaque accumulating on the teeth.
  4. Metal freeAs aligners are made of plastic, there is no problems with allergies. You can have orthodontics worry-free.